Saint George's Monument at
     Jaroslavskiy Railway Station

      Lenin's monument at
 Jaroslavskiy Railway Station

           Arbat Street
      Pushkin's monument
  Jaroslavskiy Railway Station
             Arbat Street - Graffity                                 Jaroslavskiy Rail Terminal                                        
    Juhani and Princess Turandot
       Fontain at Arbat Street

            Arbat Street

          Moscow Metro
        A cup of tee in train

  Novosibirsk Railway Station

     Barabinsk. Fish market.

                 Dining-Car. Menu.                                               Dining-Car.

          Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in the Novo-Tikhvin Monastery in Ekaterinburg.

Juhani at the Boarder between     Monument to the founders        Sysert village near
        Europe and Asia
                      of Ekaterinburg                       Ekaterinburg

                    Sysert village                                               Ganina Yama

                                            Railway station in Krasnoyarsk

           Embankment in Krasnoyarsk                                    Enisey River

                                    Theatral Square in Krasnoyarsk at night.

         Railway station in Krasnoyarsk               Compartment of the train #008 "Sibiryak"     

                 Irkutsk at night                                               Irkutsk city tour
                                                        City tour in Irkutsk

                      Angara River                                                 Baikal Lake
 Juhani on the boat between
  Listvyanka and Port Baikal

                    Circum Baikal Railway
                                             Circum Baikal Railway Trip                                             
    Piknik (lunch) in train                  Circum Baikal Railway Trip          

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