The Romanov dynasty and St. Petersburg

         The Romanov Dynasty begins in 1613 and ends with the Revolution of 1917. There are quite many people interested in the Romanov imperial family and some of them would like to learn more about the history of members of this famous Russian dynasty. Here you can explore Russia's rich history through the lives of some of its most famous leaders.

Peter the Great (1689-1725) Catherine I (1725-1727) Peter II (1728-1730)

Anna (1730-1740) Ivan VI (1740 -1741) Elizabeth (1741-1761)

Peter III (1761-1762) Catherine II (1762-1796) Paul I (1796-1801)

Alexander I (1801-1825) Nicholas I (1825-1855) Alexander II (1855-1881)

Alexander III (1881-1894) Nicholas II (1894-1917)  


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