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Sightseeing in Russia: tours in Ekaterinburg 
Ekaterinburg is on the most important cities in Russian Federation among the biggest Russian cities like Moscow, St.Petersburg and Novosibirsk. It is the capital and the principal industrial center of the Ural region of Russian federation. In 1924-1991 (the period of Soviet Union) the city had the name Sverdlovsk. Ekaterinburg is situated on the banks of the river Iset in the area of forests and lakes. The city is situated in the east part of the Ural Mountains - the natural border between Europe and Asia - and is the first Asian city in Russia.
Tours in Ekaterinburg and surroundings: panoramic tours, walking tours, historical and ethnographic tours,active and adventure tours, winter special tours, etc.
Here you can choose the most interesting tours for you!
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Panoramic tours

We offer to make a panoramic tour in Ekaterinburg: city tours by car/bus to get acquainted with the city or walking guided tours in the center of the capital of The Urals.

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Tours to the border between Europe and Asia

We offer a an opportunity to visit one of the most unique places in Ural mountains - the natural border between two continents - Europe and Asia.

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Historical tours in The Urals and Siberia

We offer tours dedicated to the history of The Urals and Siberia: to the foundation and development of the region; to the history of The Romanov Dynasty and the last days of the last Russian tsar.
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Ethnographic tours - Ural and Siberian Russia

We offer different ethnographic tours to the region of Ural mountains, where the elements of Russian traditions and customs are still reserved. These tours will give you the possibility to get acquainted with the Ural mode of life.
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Tours to the natural reserves

We offer different tours to natural reserves (national parks) near Ekaterinburg. You'll have an opportunity to feel the air of the mountains, enjoy the fantastic landscapes and views of the unique ecological areas.
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Active and adventure tours

We offer different tours for your active holidays. You can enjoy rafting, climbing, fishing, exploring gold mines, etc. During all these tours you will be accompanied by instructors and you will have all the equipment.
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Winter special tours

We offer to get acquainted with traditional winter activities of Russians and the most popular activities in the Urals.

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